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It is not easy for any of us to admit we are aging. Nobody likes acknowledging that they can no longer run around the bases, much less throw a fast ball, with the blazing speed they once did. Nor, for that matter, is anybody likely to jump for joy when they discover that the clothes they have been wearing for years are becoming uncomfortably tight.

But as the name of this website clearly indicates, you can “age without wrinkles,” meaning you can keep your spirit intact even if your need for a cosmetic nip and tuck increases over the years. And the books plus other items this website features are designed to help you achieve that laudable objective.

My Radio Show "Aging Without Wrinkles"

My radio show - “Aging Without Wrinkles” is streamed over Artist First, internet radio. The guests on this program are idividuals who have managed to maneuver their way through life's challenges and are helping others to do the same.

Dr. Marilyn Gugliucci and Paul Sobel will be featured on my next program (6/20/18). My interviews with them will be posted shortly after that show. You can download these interviews by visiting my archive page.

Kathryn Meyer




After Rebecca Meyer was diagnosed with a brain tumor (grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma) during August of 2013, her parents searched all possible treatment options. However, despite their valiant efforts and her considerable courage, Rebecca died on June 7, 2014, her sixth birthday. At that point she had endured almost 10 months of radiation, chemotherapy and experimental trials.

In the months after Rebecca’s death, the Meyer family took several trips together to work through their grief. And they found that being separated from their usual routine – daily chores, school, work - during these vacations, proved healing. So, they decided to form Rebecca’s Gift as a means of providing other grieving families with the same space away from their mourning they had enjoyed. During the ensuing years they raised NEED A Dollar Amount to help send six grieving families on vacations.

Kathryn Meyer, Rebecca’s mother, was instrumental in establishing this Cleveland-based program.

The organization’s website is http://www.rebeccasgift.org

Clark Echols


Our world is changing and behavior that was once acceptable when men interacted with women is now viewed in strong “Time Over” terms. And Clark Echols, MDiv, MA, LPCC, would like to see this cultural upheavals go a step further. A counselor, he not only wants to help his clients become not only accountable for their actions towards others but also more accountable to themselves as they grow more closely attuned to their inner feelings.

Clark was employed for 32 years as an ordained pastor in the New Church, which follows the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. He now works with individuals as well as with couples, helping them to cope with anxiety, depression or PTSD (Post Traumatic  Stress Disorder). An activist, he has also been instrumental in forming CMG (Cincinnati Men’s Gathering), which works to guide members towards a fuller understanding of their masculinity. Mutual support remains its guiding objective.

Clark’s website is http://www.clarkechols.com  .