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It is not easy for any of us to admit we are aging. Nobody likes acknowledging that they can no longer run around the bases, much less throw a fast ball, with the blazing speed they once did. Nor, for that matter, is anybody likely to jump for joy when they discover that the clothes they have been wearing for years are becoming uncomfortably tight.

But as the name of this website clearly indicates, you can “age without wrinkles,” meaning you can keep your spirit intact even if your need for a cosmetic nip and tuck increases over the years. And the books plus other items this website features are designed to help you achieve that laudable objective.

My Radio Show "Aging Without Wrinkles"

 My guest on my May 2, 2018 radio show are Paul Sobel and Jalaja Bonheim. The show is Aging without Wrinkles and all programs are archived at this link show link

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Paul Sobel



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In responding to AARP surveys, the vast majority of seniors (90%)indicated that they want to remain in their own homes as they age. And Virtual Villages are designed to make it easier for them to age in place by returning to the neighbor helping neighborhood model that was the norm in America during previous decades.  

The virtual village concept was born in 2001 in Boston when a group of residents formed the Beacon Hill Village. Now, according to the Village to Village Network website, 265 open Villages are scatted throughout the country and more than 150 are in development stages. The need for these associations will likely continue to rise as Baby Boomers age.

Earlier this year, Paul Sobel was instrumental in establishing Village in the Heights which serves several Cleveland, Ohio suburbs collectively known as the Greater Heights Area.  Sobel has long been committed to working on aging issues.

The organization's website is http://www.villageintheheights.org/\

Jalaja Bonheim


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Circlework has the power to create sanctuaries where participants experience healings as they openly discuss abuse or other pain they have long kept hidden.  More than anything else, they enjoy authentic intimacy, a life enhancing closeness that might not be available to them elsewhere.  Joining in activities that grant them a greater awareness of their physical and spiritual selves encourages them to think with their hearts rather than with their heads.

Jalaja Bonheim is one of the one of the world’s foremost experts in the use of circle gatherings to empower and heal participants. The founder of the Institute for Circlework, she has trained hundreds of professionals to become Circlework leaders and she has even led groups that included both Palestinian and Jewish members. Her new book – The Magic of Circlework: The Practice Women Around the World Are Using to Heal and Empower Themselves – details in depth the essentials of this practice.  

Jalaja's web site is http://www.jalajabonheim.com




 Dr. Eboni Green


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Her book Reflections from the Soul can help guide you to calmer waters after you have suffered a loss. 

This audio will tell you more about this volume.

 Taking a Broader View

Throughout this website, aging is viewed from as broad a perspective as possible. It is, after all, something that begins in one form or another the day we are born, not as we enter middle age or our Golden Years. Accordingly, it features volumes directed towards children as well as those directed towards adults

A strong message: These days, young people have to grow up faster than was ever previously the case. That does not, however, mean they have to rush the process by succumbing to peer pressure that can lead them down paths which ultimately rob them of their youth.



Noreen Renier



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As a psychic detectivew, Noreen  predicted the assassination of then President Ronald Reagan and also played a role in the investigation of the Laci Peterson murder. In total, she has worked on more than 400 unsolved cases with law-enforcement agencies at all levels of government. This book shares her experiences.