Dr. Thelma Reese






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How Dr. Reese came to write this book

Dr. Thelma Reese’s professional life has often progressed along unplanned paths that connected her to adventures she never anticipated she would enjoy. She taught because teaching offered her a schedule that meshed with her family responsibilities. Eventually, being a teacher led her to become an educational psychologist; she worked as a consultant for Hooked on Phonics and other educational products.  

However, Dr. Reese realizes that while sheer luck has guided her from one positive experience to another, others might not necessarily share her good fortune. So, she strongly believes that in today’s world careful planning is essential during every phase of somebody’s life. And she maintains that men who ignore this advice as they fail to prepare for retirement risk losing their identity along with their job.

Previously the author of The New Senior Woman: Reinventing the Years Beyond Mid-Life, Dr. Reese recently wrote The New Senior Man in the hopes of spreading this message. Her website is www.ElderChicks.com