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Your Personal Life: Measuring What Your Specific Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong & Better Real Science – Real Results presents a point of view that many readers might never have previously encountered. It details how people can boost their wellness on all levels by following a diet/ health regime devised just for them.

How Dr. Tefft Came To Write This Book:

The Story Behind the Story

We are constantly bombarded by advertisements for products that promise to turn us into a thinner, healthier or more powerful version of ourselves. All too often, however, the heavily-advertised products fail to live up to their promise. A case in point: Although Americans spend $60,000,000,000 – 60 billion dollars – a year on diet pills and programs, they continue to become heavier, a trend not expected to end any time soon.


He does not claim to know how to explain that seeming anomaly in 25 words or less. But he does have some strong thoughts about why heavily advertised health/ diet regimes do not always live up to their hype. These items are mass produced. So, they are unlikely to contain the exact mix that will lead your body to greater wellness by taking into account what nutrients it needs in greater quantities and which it already has in harmful excesses.  


That is why Dr. Tefft so strongly advocates what might be termed individualized medicine, discovering a nutritional plan that will most benefit you and carefully following it. And as he explains in his book this process can begin with something as simple as testing the genetic components contained within a lock of your hair.


A board-certified naturopathic and chiropractic physician, three-time Natural Mr. America, former Olympic and U.S. Swim Team sports-med staff doctor, Dr. Tefft now serves as a physician at the Malibu Health & Rehabilitation Center. His website is http://www.pncscience.com/html/meet.php  

 You can download an interview with Dr. Tefft at http://www.artistfirst2.com/ArtistFirst_Harriet_Tramer_2017-03-01.mp3