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These days, millions of Americans want to effect political change but do not know how to go about achieving that objective. And if you are one of them, How to Change a Law: The intelligent consumer's 7-step guide. Improve your community, influence your country, impact the world might be just the book for you.

The process John outlines in it begins when you spend some time formulating your ideas and communicating with others who share your passions and ends when you connect with political leaders who can pass legislation, effecting change.

How John came to write this book:

the story behind the story.

 If you listen to even the most casual conversations these days, you cannot help noticing how frequently the discussion turns to politics. People’s increased outspokenness might be attributable to the controversy that our political leaders are creating. Or, it might simply be a sign of the times as 24-hour news channels plus social media fuel dialogues and make it virtually impossible to avoid hearing about major events.

 The fact that people are becoming more vocal about political issues does not, however, necessarily mean that they feel empowered to do anything about them, moving legislation or otherwise enacting change. And John formed  iLobby, which allows people to connect on line and work for change, and serves as its CEO in the hopes of closing that gap. These same emotions also motivated him to write this book.

 John was previously the first VP of business development and marketing at eBay. He and his wife founded Thibault Foundation, which focuses on children’s health, entrepreneurial financial literacy, education and self-sufficiency.

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