Daryl Wein


Daryl Wein


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Type 2 Diabetes The Owner's Manual does not shy away from listing the serious devastation – blindness, kidney failure, heart problems – diabetes can bring in its wake. But it also delivers a strong message to diabetics. Being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes might be devastating but by following a strict - low carbohydrate diet - you can win the battle over that disease. And Daryl offers himself as being proof positive of what being disciplined can accomplish for people living with that metabolic disorder.

How Daryl came to write this book:

the story behind the story

Daryl was studying to be a Physician Assistant when he began experiencing blurred vision plus other health problems. And he now realizes that what happened next was essentially inevitable. He become one of the literally millions of Americans who have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, a metabolic disorder marked by an imbalance of blood glues levels.

Not surprisingly, learning that he had diabetes terrorized him; having this condition might prevent him from doing the things he loves, such as flying airplanes, as it ravaged his body. And even after that initial terror had begun to subside, Daryl was still experiencing emotional turmoil. Although he rarely allows himself to become that emotional, he sat down and cried.

Soon, however, with the help of a mentor, he came to realize that he could control his condition instead of allowing it to control him; that is what he has managed to do. And Daryl is particularly proud that he has achieve an impressive level of control by strictly regulating his diet instead of by taking medication. He wrote his book because he was anxious to help other diabetics achieve this same victory.  

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