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Laurel Howes might not have inspired somebody to script a great novel. But she is clearly a muse, as she helps others write their own personal stories in a sartorial if not in a literary sense. The owner of the Ohio-based It’s So You! Boutique, she helps customers, turn their wardrobe into a strong statement that expresses their inner selves.

When she first opened her It’s So You! Boutique, during 2010 Laurel Howes had only recently survived a rough stretch that she considers her own personal Annus horribilis (horrible year). Her mother had died of cancer and she had lost her job within a very short period of time.

She had always planned to start her own boutique after she retired but becoming unemployed pushed her in that direction long before she would have made that move on her own. And her deep faith guided her towards creating a business that has succeeded because it makes customers feel comfortable. The boutique features oversized dressing rooms, a fireplace and a sitting area.

Plus, Laurel notes that “From the time I was young, I see a woman walk into a room, and I would immediately know what she should wear to look fantastic.” She puts that talent to good use, as she interacts with customers.

The boutiques website is . Click on this link to get designer clothes at great bargains.

A tape of an interview with Laurel can be downloaded at